A quick & easy Scallop dish

We published our first EVER cooking video. Ceri has been on at me for some time (OK, she'd been on at me for 2.5 years) to make cooking videos so we put a shout out on a Facebook page (if you haven't like it just click here)

Loads of people posted the things they'd like to see in Videos and a few people said they had a problem with scallops so it was the winner.

Scallops are a great dish, people are familiar with them, usually from restaurant menus. they are also meaty in texture, flavour and not too full of a fishy flavour so, a crowd pleaser.

However cook them to little (yikes) too much - tough, just tough. So I wanted to show you how I cook them and also how to put together a really quick dish with a little WOW factor. It's a great one to whip up if you are having people over or you wanna make your Fish Fiday a little Fancier.

So check out the video below and hopefully we will be back with more soon.